My name is Michael Carranza.

I am a writer/web developer. Writer/Web Developer

About Me

Welcome to my portfolio! As a writer, I see the world a little differently. I see characters, choices, and opportunities to tell a great story. Every project that I work on is a chance to communicate an idea or product that I am passionate about through a linear and narrative user interface. After all, we don't just love spaceships because they look cool, but for all of the wonderful places that they can take Feel free to browse my projects, resume, and my blog. and leave me a message on your way out!

Here is a link to my resume.

My Projects
  • UnderDogs Adlister

    Fully functional job board for unemployed super-heroes. (HTML, CSS, Java, MySQL)

  • Battlegrounds Coffee

    Javascript app that searches and refines resultsusing alt-text. (HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery)

  • Initiative Tracker

    Dynamic table that creates and sorts rows basedon input and dice rolls. (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

My Writing
  • My primary genre is Fantasy Fiction, with some notable subgenres being Flintlock Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, and Magical Realism.

  • My Novel

    My current novel is about an alcoholic former priest from a Latin American silver mining colony working toward redemption as he tries to prevent a revolution led by cannibalistic sorcerer-terrorists.

  • My Blog

    Come check out some of my latest posts about fantasy fiction, writing, and web development.

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